Why People Love to Play Battery Bumper Cars for Sale in Amusement Park

More and more people love to play in amusement park or fairground with their family and friends. Amusement rides for sale in amusement park, bumper cars are one popular part. There are electric bumper cars and battery bumper cars available for selection. People can choose their prefer to play. And different electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars can bring people more freedom when playing.

Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia - Beston Manufacturer
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There are many types and styles of bumper cars for sale in amusement park. At present, there are two types of ground-grid bumper cars, ceiling-grid bumper cars and battery operated bumper cars that are manufactured and exported to Indonesia from Beston Factory. These two types are also more popular and can attract people to come and play. But there are still differences between the two. What is the difference between them? Why do people like to play battery bumper cars? Let’s take a look with us below.

Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia - Beston Company
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First of all, what are the differences between the two, which can be divided into the following four points:

  • The bumper cars price is different. Because the electric ground-grid bumper car needs a conductive floor on a fixed site before it can run, so the same amount of investment, the ground-grid bumper car is much more expensive than the battery bumper car.
  • Different adaptability of bumper cars, the adaptability of battery bumper cars is stronger. As long as it is on a flat, clean, hard ground, it can be operated, and the electric ground-grid bumper car can only be run on a conductive floor. Therefore, the battery’s business scope is relatively wide, and there is no fixed site to choose mobile operation.
  • The speed of bumper cars is different. The battery car is driven by the battery and the electric ground-grid car is powered by the conductive floor. So the speed of the battery car is not very high, but it is more safer, so it is more suitable for children to play.
  • The bumper car motor is different. The electric ground-grid bumper car motor is not only big, it also has its own protection device, so the motor of the ground-grid car is not easy to be damaged, and its price is relatively high. The battery is not only small, it also has no protective device, so the price is lower.
Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia - Cheap Beston Rides
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The reason why people love to play battery bumper cars for sale in amusement park is that battery bumper cars are more safer and more stimulating than electric ground-grid and ceiling-grid bumper cars. Battery operated bumper cars can provide players with a safe experience under different safety stimuli. What needs to be known is that most exciting and thrill amusement rides have hidden safety hazards. In serious cases, it may cause personal injury, and battery equipment can fully meet the demand of consumers. This is one of the reasons why battery bumper cars are more popular.

Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia - Beston Rides Company
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People love to play battery bumper cars for sale in amusement park. And operators prefer to invest in battery bumper cars. Since the operation of the bumper car is very simple, the choice of venue is not too troublesome, and the investment cost is lower than that of large amusement equipment. At the same time, battery bumper car occupancy is still high, so operators will prefer battery cars when investing in bumper cars, which is why battery bumper cars are more popular among adults and children.

Beston Company as a professional amusement park rides manufacturer has much rich experience in producing and exporting cheap electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars and also inflatable bumper cars for sale to Indonesia. If you want to buy and cheap bumper cars for sale in you amusement park business, welcome to contact us for our latest price list through email now.

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