Indoor Playground Equipment In Indonesia

Nowadays, soft indoor playgrounds has become more and more popular in different scenes in Indonesia. People are more willing to invest indoor playground equipment for business, which can create higher income with a limited budget. Beston Amusement Rides Company is a professional indoor playground supplier in China. Beston Company always insist on designing and manufacturing more new and attractive indoor playground for sale for commercial activity. After these years’ development, Beston has been very experienced in manufacturing and exporting high quality commercial indoor playground for sale to Indonesia at affordable price.  According to your budget, we provide customized services and designs for commercial indoor soft playequipment.

Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale
Ocean Theme interactive indoor playgrounds for sale Indonesia

What Is The Indoor Play Equipment?

Indoor Playgrounds for sale Indonesia is also called naughty castle, indoor jungle gym and indoor soft play equipment, indoor playground area. Through scientific three-dimensional combination, it is a new generation of children’s activity center that integrates sports, intelligence and fitness. As a kind of very new and strong comprehensive children’s indoor playground sturcture, which is deigned according to kids’ nature of drill, climb, slide, roll, sway, swing, jump and shake.

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Various Types of Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Beston offers various types of indoor soft playground equipment for sale and indoor park design in Indonesia. Indoor playground structures for sale Indonesia is suitable for being played by kids aged from 2 to 13. According to the different colors, elements, situation simulation and cartoon characters, indoor playgrounds have various topics and themes including macaron theme soft play equipment, candy theme soft playground, ocean theme indoor soft playground, pirate ship theme indoor soft play area, cosplay theme indoor playground set and so on. According to different sizes, indoor playground equipments can be divided into large indoor playground and small indoor soft play. Choose Beston, choose the best soft play indoor playground!

Macaron theme soft play equipment for sale

Macaron Indoor Playground Structures For Sale Indonesia
Macaron Indoor Playground Structures For Sale Indonesia

Macaron theme indoor playground naughty castle refers to light color of the naughty castle, which bring about a feeling of warmth, relax and healing. Colorful decorations will attract people attention and appeal children to play. Therefore, you can select macaron theme indoor playground in fun centers. Are you planning to open an indoor playground for business? Please consult Beston Amusement!

Snow theme indoor soft playground for sale

Snow Theme Indoor Soft Play For Sale Prices Indonesia
Snow Theme Indoor Soft Play For Sale Prices Indonesia

Snow theme indoor playground equipment is based on factors of snow and ice. The whole color of the playground is white and blue, which brings people a special feeling of freshness and coldness. Moreover, the park can be filled with artificial snow, which is 98% similar to real snow. The main material is water and salt, which is safe and reliable and will not melt below 45 degrees Celsius. Children can make snowmen, skiing and other activities.

Ocean theme indoor soft play area for sale

Buy Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Set For Sale
Buy Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale

Ocean theme indoor playground setup is based on marine elements with blue as the main tone. Ocean theme gives people a feeling of relaxing, cool. Ocean theme indoor playground for sale is more popular in places with hotter climates. Ocean theme indoor soft playground for sale in Beston is also popular and attract many children to play in Indonesia. Any ideas, please contact us!

Cosplay theme indoor playground for sale

Cosplay Theme Indoor Playground For Sale In Indonesia
Cosplay Theme Indoor Playground For Sale In Indonesia

Cosplay theme indoor jungle gym is designed for children to satisfy their curiosity and willingness to explore. Cosplay theme soft playground equipment could stimulate different scenes. Such as, kitchen, school, hospital, castle, and so on. These kinds of indoor could help to develop the child’s imagination and expand the ability of thinking, which is conducive to the healthy growth of the children. Do you want to buy indoor playground sets? Contact us for detailed information.

Pirate ship theme indoor soft play area for sale

Pirate Ship Indoor Playground For Sale Indonesia
Pirate Ship Indoor Playground For Sale Indonesia

Pirate ship theme indoor playground structure is based on classic element of pirate ship, which is popular among children. We can build the entire park into a pirate ship, or set up a pirate ship in a special area. The entire style of indoor soft playground will be based on pirate ship, and there are many game facilities which are relevant with pirate ship. Do you want to buy custom indoor playground equipment? Send us a message for free quate.

Forest theme indoor playground for sale

Forest Theme Indoor Soft Playground Equipment Indonesia
Forest Theme Indoor Soft Playground Equipment Indonesia

The forest theme brings people a relaxed and pleasant feeling, allowing people to reduce work pressure and relax their eyes. The forest theme indoor soft playground equipment help children who grow up in the city have the opportunity to get in touch with the forest environment. The forest theme naughty castle combines animals and plants in the forest, which is closer to the natural environment and allows children to play to their heart’s content.

Large indoor playground equipment for sale

Large Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale Indonesia
Purchase Large Soft Indoor Play Equipment For Sale Indonesia

Beston provides large soft play indoor playground for sale. For example, we could offer design plans of indoor playground area over 1,000 square meters. According to different themes, facilities, etc., the entire indoor playground can be divided into different areas, and different areas have different emphases. If you want to buy large indoor soft play equipment, contact us!

Small soft play equipment for sale Indonesia

invest in Small Indoor Playgrounds For Sale In Indonesia
Small Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale In Indonesia

If you have limited budget or the construction area is limited, Beston also provide small size playground equipment for sale in Indonesia. We could offer customized services according to your demands and choose the most profitable and suitable design for your indoor playground. So don’t worry about the sizes of indoor playground jungle gym.Contact us for price quotation right now!

Indoor Playground Design In Indonesia

Beston is an indoor playground company and amusement rides company, providing different indoor playground area designs for your different demands in Indonesia. The construction area and application site are our first considerations, and secondly, we will also provide suggestions for customers according to different customs, geographical location and fashion trends. Of course, Beston indoor playground manufacturer will also fully respect the ideas of customers, and choose the most perfect solution for customers according to their needs and budget. We could provide free 3D or 4D design plans for customers. Beston indoor playground supplier provides customization of different color, material, brand name, etc. Contact us for price quotation of different indoor soft play equipments right now!

For Sizes and Scenes

We have different customized solutions for different sizes and scenes. For large sizes, we could add complexity of games of the indoor playground equipment. For small sizes, we can choose those popular game facilities to attract people. Furthermore, different scenes will have different designs.

For Different Theme

We already have various kinds of themes to choose. Such as, ocean indoor playground equipment for sale, forest indoor soft play for sale, and cosplay theme indoor playground sets for sale. In addition, if our customer prefers to pick Peppa Pig as the theme, we can also make the best indoor playground design to satisfy customers needs.

For Game Facilities

There are many equipments inside of the indoor playground. You can choose the game facilities and area division. If you want to put focus on climbing structures to increase fun. We will make climbing structures as the main point when designing indoor soft playground equipment. You can also choose the combination of different game sets.

The Process of Customized Services

1. Determine the size, scene, and demands

Determine the size, scene, and demands of indoor playground equipments. Then, professional designers and analysts will make the design plan according to different factors, and will discuss specific details until meet the needs of customer.

2. Signning the Contract

After reaching an agreement with the customer of indoor playground design plan, we will sign the contract. Then, you need to pay a part of the advance payment. After receiving the advance payment, the factory will start production

3D Indoor Playground Design

Indoor Playground Design

3. Production

The indoor playground production factory will start production according to the design plan, tests the products and then packs it carefully. We will assemble before shipping to avoid missing parts and make sure the installation work properly.

4. Installation

After the goods are delivered to the customer, the customer can choose a combination of online guidance and offline installation to assemble the indoor playground equipment.We can also send installation engineers to help on-site installation.

5. After-sale Services

Beston provides one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance service. There are many unpowered equipments, and the maintenance is simple and convenient. If you have any questions during operation, we will give professional advice for you.

Factory installation before transportation
Factory Installation Check

Factory installation before transportation
Factory Installation Before Transportation

Where Can Indoor Playground Equipment Be Installed?

Indoor soft playground can be installed in different places with different purposes. You can choose the size of playground equipment freely. There are many places or scenes that you could install, including shopping mall, supermarket, theme park, indoor amusement park, commercial street, children amusement park, center park, school, kindergarten, garden, villa, park, residential estate, amusement park, fairground, children’s palace, shopping mall, supermarket and so on. Beston indoor playground supplier offers both indoor and outdoor playground design plans.

Shopping malls or centers

Some business would like to buy soft indoor playground equipment to install in the shopping mall. Not only because they want to make money, but also to attract consumers and drive the development of the whole shopping malls.

Commercial streets or buildings

Commercial streets are also good places to set indoor jungle gym for sale. Usually commercial streets has lots of people, it’s profitable to invest indoor jungle gym here.

Children play centers or plazas

There are many kids and parents and also most suitable to set up soft play equipments. Children can spend a happy day here with their parents and classmates during the holidays.

Center parks or squares

Center park always has enough space to install indoor play equipment for sale and enough customers. The central square has better greenery and air, and is also very suitable for children to exercise.

Advantages of Indoor Playground Equipment for Business Indonesia

With features of randomness, non-dynamic performance, interactivity and safety, indoor playgrounds for sale Indonesia can not only be installed conveniently but also can help children train their independent character and healthy body. Welcome to purchase indoor playground jungle gym for home or mall from Beston Factory. There are many advantages of indoor playground equipment for kids. If you want to invest in indoor jym for kids from Beston, please click to contact Beston Amusement!

Safer and Cleaner

Indoor soft playground uses new materials which are safer for kids to play than the traditional park rides. It is also easy to clean up than the traditional playground. Indoor play structures has become a more and more popular choice for kids and family in Indonesia.

Family Harmony

Children has full of energy, and always want to play games. Interactive indoor soft playground equipment allows parents to accompany their children to play together, which can strengthen family ties and interaction. This can make children feel happy.

Improving Skills

Playing indoor soft playground equipment can improve children’s motor skills, stimulate children’s exploration ability and promote kids problem-solving ability, which will help the development of the mental and physical health of children and push children improve skills.

Take Care of Kids

Sometimes, parents may have no enough to play with their kids. Daycare indoor soft playground equipment could help parents to take care with their kids when they are busy. Thus, commercial indoor playground equipment is profitable to invest.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Indoor Playground in Indonesia?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Indoor Playground in Indonesia?
Indoor playground for sale prices can be influenced by several factors such as the size and complexity of the playground, the materials used, customization options, compliance with safety standards, installation costs, location, and maintenance requirements. Larger and more complex playgrounds, high-quality and durable materials, customized designs and features, compliance with safety standards, and installation complexity can all increase the overall cost. Location can also impact the cost due to transportation, permits, and taxes. The cost of maintenance and repairs should also be considered in the evaluation of the total cost. The specific requirements and considerations for each individual project can also impact indoor playground equipment prices.

Different themes

The different themes also influence the costs of indoor playgrounds. Different themes have different facilities and structures. For example, if you want to use the castle as the theme and customize the shape of the playroom indoor jungle gym into a simulated castle, we will make designing plans. This particular shape may lead to an increase in construction costs.

Material Selection

There are many different types of materials. Different materials have different prices. Generally speaking, the materials we use are in line with international standards and industry standards, which is harmless to children, and children can play with confidence. Indoor Playground Equipment for sale Indonesia is made of engineering plastics, PVC material and galvanized welded steel pipe structure, which is non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free.

Sizes or Square meter

Sizes or square meter of construction is the most determining factor to the indoor playground prices. The bigger you want to build, the higher the price will be. Normally, the price of indoor soft play area in Indonesia is about $100-$240 per square meters. Beston could design the most suitable indoor playground equipment for sale according to your budget.

Fexibility of Game Facilities

Flexibility of game facilities could also influence the costs of indoor playground sets. There are many game facilities inside the indoor soft playground you could choose including swing and slide indoor playgrounds, climbing zone, trampolines and so on. Welcome to Beston to design your indoor playground sets for business, we are looking forward to your messages.

Why Buy Indoor Playground Equipments from Beston?

Where to buy indoor soft playground equipment? Beston indoor playground supplier is your best choice. Here comes to the reasons.

Rich experiences and specialized work team

Beston Amusement Rides Company is a professional commercial indoor playground equipment supplier and manufacturer. Beston has one rich-experienced, the specialized designer team and trustworthy specialized factory and construction workers.

Good quality and safety assurance

Beston uses indoor playground materials within the safety standards. You don’t need to worry about the health problems. Our product quality has been praised by customers at home and abroad.

Customized services

Beston provides customized services of theme, material selections, details design, game facilities designs and soon. Do you want to select jungle gym indoor playgrounds to make money? Beston will give you profitable indoor playground solutions. Please click contact us for advices!

Cases of Indoor Soft Playground Equipments

Space Theme Indoor Soft Playground in Indonesia


Beston has sold indoor jungle gym equipment all around the world and has received many feedbacks from our customers. Here is the video of space theme indoor soft playground for sale in Indonesia.

Beston space theme indoor soft playground has been successfully installed and started operation in Indonesia. Space indoor soft play has been warmly welcomed in Indonesia with unique themes and colorful decorations. The customer found on the website that he wanted to invest an indoor playground equipment suitable for the Indonesian market. After specific discussions, we finally determined a customized indoor playground equipment with a space theme. Commercial indoor playgrounds for sale in Indonesia have become a popular investment choice with high returns.

132m2 Macaron Theme Indoor Sensory Play Equipment For Sale in Kuwait


A customer from Kuwait customized a 132 m2 Macaron theme indoor soft playground equipment, which belongs to a small indoor playground equipment. It was originally planned to be two floors, including the first floor and the basement floor. Due to limited budget, we customized the first floor for the client for his needs. After designing and production, the product was delivered on October 19. The customer chose to install it by himself according to the installation drawings, and the installation was successfully completed on November 10. Customers are very satisfied with our indoor soft playground equipments and gave us many positive feedbacks.

Indoor Playground For Sale In Kuwait Feedback
Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale In Kuwait Feedback

The customer has already installed and sent a feedback video. He is very satisfied with our service and hopes to cooperate again in the future.Beston Playground equipment comes in a variety of designs, colors, and themes that are sure to appeal to children. The equipment can be customized to fit the specific needs and preferences of the customer, making it a unique and fun experience for children. If you want to buy indoor soft playground, Beston will give you the best experience!

Considerations Of Playground Equipment For Sale Indonesia

  1. Comply with the rules and considerations of indoor playground for sale Indonesia. Take off your shoes and put them into the shoe cabinet before entering the equipment. Keep your personal belongings in the locker. Maintain the health and safety of jungle gym equipment indoor.
  2. Be strict to the principle of protecting children from harm. And there should no sharp object and hard object when designing indoor jungle gym for sale Indonesia. Operator should be informed if there are several special position with very sharp object.
  3. Indoor Playground Equipment for sale Indonesia is mainly designed for children among 2 and 8 ages. Kids under 6 ages should be accompanied by guardian when playing soft indoor playground. And It’s prohibited to carry belongings for avoiding the harm during playing.

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Wacky Worm Roller Coaster For Sale In Beston
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Where To Buy Indoor Playground Jungle Gym For Sale In Indonesia

You should find a professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer who can provide high quality products at affordable price when you are in need of indoor soft play equipment for sale Indonesia. Beston, a leading amusement rides manufacturer supplier, which is very professional at manufacturing and exporting all kinds of soft indoor playgrounds for sale to Indonesia. With rich experience of production and advanced manufacturing technology, Beston can provide high quality indoor playground. In addition, Beston offers the best park design and park solutions in Indonesia.If you want to add other amusement rides into your park, you can also get the best suggestions from Beston!If you want to buy now? Welcome to Contact Us for Detailed Information and Free Quote!

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