1968 M2 Indoor Playground Equipment In Indonesia Is Coming Soon

Beston Rides has reached cooperation with a new customer in Indonesia—a 1968 square meter indoor amusement park project. We are happy to work with customers in Indonesia, and we finally designed this macaron indoor playground based on local preferences and customer needs. The equipment and projects are all customized. At present, the transportation of the indoor playground has been completed and will arrive soon. If you also want to start an indoor playground business, you can contact us for help!

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Indoor Soft Play Equipment For Sale

Project Status

This 1968m2 indoor playground project is in Bojonegoro, Indonesia. Beston Rides worked closely with the client to complete this indoor playground project. At this time, the installation work is being carried out under the guidance of Beston, and we are all looking forward to this project.

Land Area 1968 m2
Location Bojonegoro, Indonesia
Project Type Indoor comprehensive Park Project
Delivery 23-Aug
Project State Installing
Installation method Beston Installation Engineer On-site Guidance
Product Soft playground, jungle gym indoor swing sets & playsets, trampoline, sponge pool, role play house, sandpit, building block, climbing wall, rope equipment, and handmade interactive area.

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Children indoor playground project design

Needs Communication Process

Understanding customer preferences and needs is key of making this big deal. Beston Rides prioritize customer satisfaction by engaging in video meetings and discussing design concepts. After understanding customer needs, we design the indoor playground for customers according to their needs.

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Indoor Playground Competitors Analysis

When you want to start a indoor playground business in Indonesia, knowing your nearby competitors can help you avoid homogeneity and help you stand out. Analyzing competitors in the local market in Indonesia is crucial. Beston Rides has provided a comprehensive breakdown of competitors based on age group, pricing, ratings, advantages, and games offered. According to the situation of competitors, we have designed targeted solutions for customized playground for sale, which makes our customers more trustworthy.

Competitor research
Indoor Playground Business Plan

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Customer Needs Communication

Indoor Playground Design

Given the scope and variety of indoor playground equipment, Beston Rides has a diverse and comprehensive offering suitable for different age ranges. We focus on customer needs, competitor analysis, and innovative designs, bodes well for creating an engaging and competitive indoor amusement park in Bojonegoro, Indonesia. Moreover, we focus on innovative and engaging indoor playground designs, catering to various age groups with a range of play equipment and interactive features.

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