Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

Battery Bumper Cars for sale Cheap to Indonesia from Beston Company belong to one type of amusement park bumper cars. Another type is electric bumper car. Different electric bumper cars, battery bumper car has more wide features and uses for business and also be more popular among adults and children. So it is very suitable to be purchased and invested. Welcome to contact Beston for our latest price list.

BNBC 01 - Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia - Beston Company
BNBC 01 – Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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BNBC 02 – Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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Description of Battery Bumper Cars for Sale Indonesia

  • Battery bumper cars for sale as popular amusement rides from Beston Factory. Different from electric bumper car, battery bumper car is mainly driven by batteries and can freely run on the flat ground. And similar to electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars can be designed and customized to be many different styles and colors. In order to make this ride become more attractive for people, manufacturer also can customize the ride according to customers’ requirements.
  • Battery bumper cars for sale from Beston Factory are made of high quality FRP materials, and are composed of car body, steering wheel, rubber tire and seat. The main driven power is batteries which need to be charged before start to use. For carnival or fair activities, battery operated bumper cars are more suitable to invest. You can contact Beston Company for the detailed information now.
BNBC 03 - Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia - Beston Factory
BNBC 03 – Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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BNBC 04 – Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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Advantages Of Battery Bumper Cars for Sale Indonesia

  • From the perspective of the structure of the bumper car, the battery bumper car needs a circuit-integrated control box to control the operation and music. If the battery car works with a small motor, the body frame and the ground network car are also very different, because the ground-grid bumper car uses The motor is a big head motor that can directly contact the ground. The front of the car body of the ground-grid must be protected by a metal cover. The motor of the battery bumper car does not directly contact the ground and runs through gears and chains. The small motors used in battery bumper cars are cheap, while the large motors used in ground-grid bumper cars are expensive. The difference in these structures determines the reasons for the different prices of bumper cars.
  • Furthermore, from the perspective of the working principle of bumper cars, the battery bumper car has a strong ability to apply the site. It does not need to set up a dedicated floor site like a ground-grid bumper car, nor does it need a control cabinet dedicated to the vehicle to control the operation of the ground network car. Control cabinet investment, so the price of battery bumper cars is lower than the price of ground network.
  • Because the battery bumper car does not require a special site, this also reduces the investment for the operator. More importantly, when operating the amusement equipment, choose an important site for business. Generally, there are many temple fairs during the New Year. It is a very good venue because there are many people at the temple fair and the number of people who can adapt to it is large. Both adults and children can play. Secondly, the requirements for the venue are not high. As a highly stimulating amusement device, it can meet people’s needs and can be operated at temple fairs.
  • Everyone also knows that since it is a temple fair, there must be a lot of people. Whether it is adults, children or young people, they will go shopping. According to our understanding, there are very few people putting bumper cars in the temple fair. There are not many places. This is not because of the poor business, but because the bumper cars on the ground-grid cannot be operated at the temple fair due to the constraints of the venue. In recent years, many people who have invested in battery bumper cars will choose to catch the temple fair, and the business is very popular.

How to Check the Quality of Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

  • When buying, many people don’t know how to check the quality of battery bumper cars for sale. Compared with the past, they don’t know the buyer ’s battery bumper car. In fact, there are many ways to identify the quality of the car. Today, Beston manufacturers will tell a way to identify the quality of battery bumper car, that is, how to judge the quality from the appearance of the car, let’s understand it together.
  • Bumper cars have all kinds of shapes, which can meet people’s requirements for beauty. The racing styles that boys like, UFO styles, etc. also achieve visual impact and attract people to play. There is also a group of children, a variety of cartoon shapes, music bumper cars, not only a great satisfaction for vision and hearing, bumpy cars, small trains, and various small animal shapes gradually appear in people’s vision in.
  • Judging the quality of the car from the appearance of the bumper car, the appearance of the car can be seen at first glance. You can determine whether the appearance of the battery car is new and unique, or how the lighting effect is new, or whether it is attractive to children, and then whether the seat of the battery car is enlarged. Widening, whether it is comfortable, and whether the color match is beautiful, this is what we can see at first glance, and the appearance is also the first place to attract people.
  • After we look at the appearance of the car, we can also identify the quality of the car from the material and paint of the car. Nowadays, there are basically more rotomolding and FRP on the market. In other words, the appearance of FRP is more refined, and the paint is used. The colors are brighter, transparent and durable.
  • The last point is from the point of view of the workmanship of the car, you can see the painting process of glass fiber reinforced plastic and the welding point of the battery bumper car. Through these, you can determine whether the bumper car process is in place. I believe that through these, some new customers will choose high-quality products in general. Bumper cars.
  • The appearance of bumper cars generally uses gel coat technology, which is not easy to fade, and the quality is guaranteed. This is a unique advanced technology. Only with high quality can you dare to speak. Although there are many such bumper cars on the market, the quality is not guaranteed. The point is lacking. At the same time, Beston bumper cars also have a very comprehensive after-sales and service technology, so that more buyers experience the benefits, and has always been favored by new and old customers. If you need battery bumper cars for sale Indonesia, welcome to contact us for free quote now.

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