Miami Ride For Sale Indonesia

Miami Ride for sale Indonesia from Beston Amusement Rides Company include different types of 8-seat, 10-seat, 12-seat and 16-seat. This kind ride with colorful paint and beautiful ED decoration is very popular among little kids or small children. Our Beston Factory not only can provide customers with high quality miami ride but also can provide them with after-sale service. If you want to learn more information about this ride or if you plan to buy one this kiddie ride for your park or fair business, you can contact us through email now.

BNMR 01 - 12 Seats Miami Ride For Sale Indonesia - Beston Factory
BNMR 01 – 12 Seats Miami Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Cheap Miami Rides For Sale Indonesia

Beston supply miami rides with cheap price for customers in Indonesia. Miami ride is a kind of amusement equipment which also can be called miami fever ride, miami surf ride, and miami trip/wave ride. This ride can be widely used in many place such as park, carnival, fair or fairground. Beston produce miami ride with high quality FRP and steel materials. It belong to small ride and can cover small area. Doing business with miami ride will be a great choice for earning money in Indonesia market. Welcome to contact us for free quote.

BNMR 02A - 10 Seats Miami Rides For Sale Indonesia - Beston Supplier
BNMR 02A – 10 Seats Miami Rides For Sale Indonesia

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Working Principle Of Miami Ride For Sale Indonesia

The big arm can rotate in parallel 360° reciprocally under the load of the counterweight background wall when miami ride is running. When the rotation reaches a certain stimulus degree, it can also reverse. The rotation speed can be artificially controlled when running, which is adjustable.

BNMR 02B - 10 Seats Miami Rides For Sale Cheap - Beston Company
BNMR 02B – 10 Seats Miami Rides For Sale Cheap

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Advantages Of Beston Miami Ride For Sale

With the standard accessories produced by regular manufacturers, low failure rate of durability, all fiberglass products are used car paint, paint surface smooth and exquisite bright color, not easy to fade.The equipment is meticulous, well received by the majority of users.

Specification Of Miami Ride For Sale To Indonesia

Miami Ride

Equipment Height 8m
Running Height 6.6m
Total Power 55kw
Rotary Diameter 3.6m
Covering Area 13*8m
Passengers Capacity 16 persons
Installation Type Non-Foundation

Safe Operation Guide For Miami Ride

  1. When open daily, miami ride must be run without load, listen to the sound of the equipment, and carefully check the equipment. Only normal operation can be performed without abnormalities.
  2. Before miami ride starts to operate, the operator must check and urge tourists to seat and fasten their seat belts, hold the safety handles, and close and lock the safety gates. After confirming that they are correct, press the “start button”. The cabinet will emit a startup prompt sound. After the startup prompt sounds, the device will run. When the set operating time is reached, the electrical control cabinet stops outputting working power, and the device will automatically and slowly stop.
  3. If there is an abnormal situation during the miami ride operation, immediately press the “Emergency Stop Button” to eliminate the abnormal situation, you must first unlock the “Emergency Stop Button” and then start the device.
  4. When the load is over-current for some reason, the control circuit will automatically trip. You should first stop the input of the cabinet voltage and press the emergency stop button. When the fault causing the over-current is eliminated, you must first release the “emergency stop button”. Lock to keep the electrical cabinet in normal working condition.
  5. When the equipment is closed daily, you should first turn off the “control power switch” and turn off the power switch to prevent others from disturbing the equipment.
  6. When the equipment is maintained or repaired, it must be operated by professionals.

Why Choose Miami Ride For Your Park

Miami ride belongs to the large-scale amusement machine of the flying tower type. Visitors can attach the tower body to rise and fall in the seat, and can shake at any time during the lifting process, taking visitors to nature and experiencing the nature-and thrilling. Miami ride can satisfy the psychological and thrilling needs of modern people. Miami ride is a reciprocating and rotating medium-sized amusement equipment. Tourists sit on the bench in a row and rotate back and forth with the rock music, and the gravity alternates up and down, so that the tourists can be energetic and sing imagination on the happy stage, enjoy the carnival atmosphere, and release the body and mind.

How To Buy Miami Rides For Sale Indonesia

When you need miami ride for you business in Indonesia, you need to find some reliable amusement rides manufacturers and suppliers in Indonesia or other countries through searching online. And then check their factory and certifications. Try to learn more types and designs of miami rides, and learn about the price or cost, and also what service they can provide for you. You can choose this ride local, and also you can buy this ride from miami ride manufacturer or exporter in China. Compared the quality and price, trust that you can make your best choice.

Here Beston Amusement Rides Company in China is a professional amusement rides supplier. Beston can produce all kinds of large and small amusement rides for sale Indonesia. If you want to learn more information, welcome to our factory for visiting. In our factory, this ride’s production period is about 15 and 20 days. You should find manufacturer or supplier in advance. Send us your requirements through email.

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