Swing Tower Rides For Sale Indonesia

Swing Tower Rides belong to a kind of large and thrill amusement park rides, which can be set up in the theme park or fairground. Beston Company produce and export high quality Swing Tower Rides for sale to Indonesia. If you want to learn more detailed information about this thrill ride, welcome to contact us now.

BNST 01 - Swing Tower Rides For Sale Indonesia - Beston Company
BNST 01 – Swing Tower Rides For Sale Indonesia

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Beston Swing Tower Rides For Sale Indonesia

Swing Tower Rides for sale from Beston Company are designed and manufactured according to the needs of amusement market, which are new and thrill. The appearance of swing tower ride is similar to swing ride and drop tower ride, which can bring people exciting feeling through flying in the high sky. Beston adopt advanced technology to make the ride be strong in structure and simple in decoration. But this ride still can be interesting for people.

BNST 02 - Swing Tower Rides For Sale - Beston Factory
BNST 02 – Swing Tower Rides For Sale

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Swing tower ride is a landmark ride for all ages, combining entertainment, thrills and excitement. Passengers are suspended from the turntable with a ring chain along with the seat, and the combined rotation and up and down movements are performed at the same time with the turntable, enabling passengers to experience the infinite fun of rotating centrifugal force and running height.

Swing tower ride, the large-scale outdoor amusement ride is safe and reliable from Beston Factory. While the circular disks rotate around the columns to perform rotating up or down motion, the seat on the seat frame or large disk frame rotates around the center axis of the circular disks. The passengers sit on the flying chairs. The rotating side climbed to a height of 52 meters and began to spin quickly, bringing a thrilling experience to tourists and bringing unlimited screams and cheers to the amusement park.

BNST 03 - Swing Tower Rides For Sale Cheap - Beston Supplier
BNST 03 – Swing Tower Rides For Sale Cheap

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Features Of Swing Tower Ride For Sale Indonesia

  • As night approaches, swing tower ride is even more noble in the amusement park; the colorful lights, like the rainbow dancing in the air as the passengers rotate, are more gorgeous and colorful.
  • Swing Tower Ride will become an ideal amusement product in playgrounds or carnival activities. Get maximum economic benefits with minimal operating costs.
  • This equipment fully considers the actual needs in terms of transportation and installation. Swing tower ride adopts a split structure with high technology content, low operating costs, simple equipment maintenance, safe and comfortable riding, and ample return on investment.

How To Buy Swing Tower For Sale Indonesia

  • When starting to purchase swing tower ride for sale Indonesia, be sure to confirm the production and installation qualifications of the corresponding manufacturer, and visit the production factory on the spot to understand the customer’s case of the production and installation completed by the manufacturer. It is best to visit the site and confirm the accuracy before discussing the cooperation.
  • Now there are many manufacturers and traders who do not have the qualifications for high-altitude flying amusement equipment production on the Internet to display a large number of high-altitude flying pictures, information, and even misappropriate pictures of other qualified manufacturers to impersonate their own production, so that customers cannot correctly distinguish the authenticity of the enterprise As a result, many customers were attracted by the low prices of these manufacturers without formal qualifications. After understanding the industry rules in depth, they regret it!
  • When purchasing swing tower ride, you must find these domestic technical and mature amusement equipment manufacturers to customize and install. This large-scale stimulation project equipment has very strict quality requirements. So you need to find the professional amusement rides company, such as Beston. Beston has many years manufacturing and exporting experience. You can trust us that Beston can supply you with high quality swing tower ride at reasonable price. For more information, email us.

Why Choose Beston to Buy Swing Tower Rides

Beston Company is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China, which is reliable and trusty. As an amusement equipment company specializing in the production, design and installation of swing tower rides, Beston own professional sales team, installation team and after-sale service team. Beston can provide one-stop service from amusement equipment supply to venue planning and design, amusement equipment installation environment decoration, amusement equipment after-sale maintenance and business guidance! Contact us for detailed information now.

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