Top Spin Ride For Sale Indonesia

Top Spin Ride for sale cheap from Beston is also called space travel ride. In Indonesia, it is a kind of hot-sale amusement park thrill rides for sale, and is very suitable for investing. If you want to buy this ride, just email us now.

BNTS 01 - Top Spin Ride For Sale Indonesia - Beston Supplier
BNTS 01 – Top Spin Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Description Of Top Spin Ride For Sale

Top Spin Ride for sale from Beston Company is an amusement equipment that rotates and rotates around the horizontal axis as a whole. There are two transmission structures, hydraulic and mechanical. The biggest feature of this equipment is that the passengers roll forward and backward as the equipment starts, and the weightlessness alternates, as if traveling in space. Different from other amusement rides, it has a large rotation angle and lifts higher than ordinary view vehicles. Of course, the speed is slightly higher than other view vehicles. The main problem with this top spin ride is its reliability and safety, and children must be accompanied by a guardian when playing.

BNTS 02 - Top Spin Ride For Sale Indonesia - Beston Factory
BNTS 02 – Top Spin Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Features Of Beston Top Spin Ride For Sale Indonesia

Top Spin Ride for sale Indonesia as a large-scale amusement equipment that performs circular motions around the horizontal axis and the cockpit rotates with inertia. It can accommodate 20 people. Tourists can sit in it and rotate with the arms to make people feel like traveling in space. It is loved by passengers. The characteristic of this device is that the passengers roll back and forth as the device starts, and the weightlessness alternates, as if traveling in space. During the running process, the swing arms on both sides drive the seat to rotate up and down 360 degrees. At the same time, the seat as a whole will also rotate with gravity and mechanical force. It is more suitable for those who dare to challenge themselves.

Advantages Of Top Spin Ride For Sale Indonesia

  • Beston company supply top spin rides with high quality materials and paint, attractive and new appearance design, quality motor, beautiful decoration of LED lights, and custom styles.
  • Top Spin Ride For Sale Indonesia with high capacity that can take 20 persons at one time. Beston design the seats of top spin thrill ride as the type of back-to-back to make the equipment can be more available. And each seat is equipped with safe security bar and seatbelt which can protect people in the seat from falling out.
  • Tops spin ride for sale from Beston can take small area such as 10*11*10m. But you can get a quick return in this small area taking amusement equipment. Beston top spin ride is very attractive to tourists with its novel design and stimulating running. So it is worth to invest for business man in Indonesia. For more information, please email us.
  • Top spin ride can flip ups and downs when the spaced themed ride is running. With passengers’ heads pointing the ground, they feel like travel in the space with the sense of weightlessness riding on the top spin carnival ride. This feature can attract more people to play in an amusement park. If you are interested in this ride or want to know the price, just contact us now.

Top Spin Ride Price

If you want to invest a top spin ride in your park or project, you need to learn about the top spin ride price from a professional amusement rides manufacturer or supplier. Here Beston can supply you the detailed information. The top spin ride price in Beston is decided by the manufacturing structure materials, styles, appearance, scales, paint, decoration, and more other factors. The higher quality and the larger top spin ride may cost more. But Beston as a professional and experienced amusement rides factory and company can provide you products with more competitive price. Just contact us for our free quotation now.

Buy Top Spin Ride For Sale From Beston Factory

For the consideration of equipment safety, it is especially critical to choose a regular production type manufacturer. As a professional amusement rides factory, Beston has established a brand in the industry with an attitude of excellence. If you want to know more industry information, welcome to communicate directly with our online customer service to buy cheap top spin ride for sale Indonesia, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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