Rockin’ Tug Rides For Sale Indonesia

Rockin’ Tug Rides for sale to Indonesia with new design and style from Beston Factory! As a kind of popular and new small children amusement rides, Rockin’ Tug Rides are attractive and interesting. You can buy and invest this ride from Beston Company. Just contact us for the latest price list.

BNRT 01A - Rockin’ Tug Rides For Sale Indonesia - Beston Factory
BNRT 01A – Rockin’ Tug Rides For Sale Indonesia

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Introduction of Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale

There are two different types of Rockin’ Tug Rides for sale from Beston, such as car with BMW type and red happy speed type. The new white floater is a beautiful white BMW car with vivid images and bright colors. A new type of amusement equipment that integrates horizontal rotation and track sliding movement. When the passenger rides and plays, the cabin rotates horizontally, and the car body rolls up and down on the track, as if the car drifts in the snow, which is both exciting and fun The music and flashing lights make passengers feel a lot of fun.

BNRT 01B - Rockin’ Tug Rides For Sale Indonesia - Beston Supplier
BNRT 01B – Rockin’ Tug Rides For Sale Indonesia

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Why Choose Rockin’ Tug Rides for Your Park

Happy Speed Rockin’ Tug Ride is a new type of amusement equipment that integrates horizontal rotation and orbital sliding movement. BMW car has beautiful appearance, vivid image and bright color. When tourists ride and play, the cockpit rotates horizontally, and the car body undulates on the tracks. It has a feeling of climbing mountains and ridges. It is not only exciting and fun, but also accompanied by beautiful music and flashing lights, making passengers feel endlessly happy. .

This ride is a powerful new amusement equipment in Zhengzhou, which belongs to the category of self-controlled pneumatic rotating amusement products. The exterior is equipped with colorful neon lights, and is equipped with a sound to emit harmonious and pleasant singing sounds, coupled with the steps of tourists, the whole scene looks very lively and spectacular. Go with your family and children to enjoy the moon! Happy Speed Rockin’ Tug Ride is novel and chic, fashionable, exquisite workmanship, fluent lines, stable mechanical performance, and integrates rotation, music, and lighting. It is well received by friends.

BNRT 02A - Rockin’ Tug Rides For Sale Indonesia - Beston Company
BNRT 02A – Rockin’ Tug Rides For Sale Indonesia

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Wide Uses of Rockin’ Tug Ride for Sale

The new-type amusement equipment – Rockin’ Tug Ride, also known as meniscus drifting car, is a novel maintenance-free children’s amusement equipment. The product is characterized by a combination of circular rotation and sliding movement along the track, swinging left and right. , Beautiful appearance, bright color, when tourists are riding, the speed of the cockpit disc of the speeding children’s amusement equipment rotates smoothly, the car body is smooth and stable along the track, and accompanied by realistic, beautiful music and flashing lights, let passengers enjoy unlimited Joy. This amusement ride is suitable for playgrounds, parks, squares, cultural centers and other places.

BNRT 02B - Rockin’ Tug Rides For Sale Indonesia - Beston Supplier
BNRT 02B – Rockin’ Tug Rides For Sale Indonesia

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Advantages of Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale in Beston

  • Rockin’ Tug Rides for sale cheap to Indonesia from Beston Company. The cockpit of this model rotates forwards and backwards in the sliding on the curved guide rail, and the movement is smooth and smooth. It is full of exciting dynamics and safe and comfortable enjoyment. It is the amusement equipment sought by the majority of young people. The whole machine has a novel and beautiful shape, and is decorated with gorgeous and colorful lights. It gives passengers a feeling of floating in space and is very attractive to tourists.
  • Beston Company uses high-quality materials, advanced mold lines and experienced technical design and management personnel to produce high-quality products, fine workmanship, novel styles, and more humanized and personalized product structures. Beston pays much attention to safety, and supports quality to meet the needs of market trends and individual differences.
  • An excellent investment option for amusement rides in theme parks, amusement parks, and fairground. Beston is an amusement equipment company integrating professional research and development, production, sales, installation, transformation, maintenance and after-sales service. You can choose and buy cheap Rockin’ Tug Rides for sale with high quality and cheap price from Beston Company! Beston has rich experience in manufacturing and exporting Rockin’ Tug Rides for sale Indonesia. Just email us for free quotation.

Buy Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale from Beston Factory

Rockin’ Tug Ride is a very personal amusement equipment, it can also be regarded as a kind of amusement equipment, the track has a meniscus shape, the cockpit is a mushroom-type cockpit, and there are lotus-shaped ones, which can be made according to different choices of customers. Its operation is similar to that of a pirate ship. The pirate ship mainly relies on the force hanging from the top, and there is a wheel below it as an auxiliary force. The meniscus floats rely on the force of the track below. While it glides back and forth along the track, the cockpit below will also rotate, which is a very exciting and fun amusement equipment. Beston Amusement Equipment Factory is a large-scale amusement equipment factory specializing in various kinds of children’s amusement equipment. It is a pioneer in the amusement machine industry in He’nan Province. Beston focus on children’s fitness parks, rotating speeding cars, children’s bumper cars, rotating self-controlled airplane ride, trackless trains , Luxury merry-go-round, new mini shuttle ride, chair swing ride, mini pirate ship ride, tea cup ride and other children’s amusement rides. With many years of production experience and providing quality after-sales service, Beston can be your best choice for purchasing Rockin’ Tug Rides! Contact us for detailed information.

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