Paratrooper Ride For Sale Indonesia

Paratrooper Ride for sale cheap to Indonesia Parks from Beston Company! As a professional amusement rides manufacturer, Beston has much experience in manufacturing and exporting high quality Paratrooper Ride for sale Indonesia with low cost. If you are interested in purchasing this new amusement ride for your project, welcome to contact us for free quote.

BNPR 01 - Paratrooper Ride For Sale Indonesia - Beston Company
BNPR 01 – Paratrooper Ride For Sale Indonesia

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What is Paratrooper Ride for Sale Indonesia

Paratrooper Ride for sale from Beston Factory is a large-scale amusement ride that rotates around a variable inclination axis. As the pods move up, down, and rotate in the air, they sometimes rise and fall, sometimes like a leisurely and comfortable fairyland. The flashing lights are more fun at night and are ideal for large parks and entertainment venues in Indonesia. Paratrooper Ride is composed of a rotary table, a boom assembly, a pod, a platform, a transmission device, a lifting arm, a lifting cylinder and etc. Want to learn more information about this popular park ride? Send us an email now.

BNPR 02 - Paratrooper Ride For Sale Indonesia - Beston Supplier
BNPR 02 – Paratrooper Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Working Principle of Paratrooper Ride for Sale Indonesia

The rotary disk is installed on the end of the lifting arm and driven by the transmission device. At the same time, the lifting cylinder drives the lifting arm to rise or fall. When it rises to a certain angle (25 °), it stops rising. At this time, the rotating disk is inclined. Under the action of centrifugal force, the pod is thrown away and performs a combined movement of lifting and tilting rotation in the air. Passengers sit in it, as if flying in the air. And each pod takes two people. This ride is called “Paratrooper Ride”. It is glad to get your requirements. Email us.

BNPR 03 - Paratrooper Ride For Sale Indonesia - Beston Manufacturer
BNPR 03 – Paratrooper Ride For Sale Indonesia

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How to Operate Paratrooper Ride for Sale

Paratrooper Ride is fully hydraulic driven, and the power source is hydraulic oil provided by a double vane pump. After the motor is started, the vane pump is driven to rotate, and the hydraulic oil in the oil tank passes the oil filter to the vane pump to provide pressure oil to the lifting cylinder and oil motor, respectively, to achieve lifting and rotating movements:

  1. The lifting cylinder pushes the lifting arm up or down to realize the lifting movement of two people.
  2. The oil motor rotates, the pinion at the output end drives the slewing bearing to rotate, and the slewing disc rotates to realize the rotating movement of two-person flying.
BNPR 04 - Paratrooper Ride For Sale Indonesia - Beston Factory
BNPR 04 – Paratrooper Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Working Conditions of Paratrooper Ride for Sale

  1. Power supply voltage: 380V, 50Hz;
  2. When the fluctuation range of the power supply voltage exceeds ± 10% of the rated value, the operation should be suspended until normal;
  3. The equipment should not be installed in the high-voltage transmission and distribution rack line channel;
  4. When encountering severe weather such as rain, snow, hail, fog and wind speed greater than 15m / s, it should be suspended;
  5. The use environment of the equipment is: -10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, and the altitude is less than 2000m on the ground;
  6. The safety distance from surrounding obstacles is not less than 500mm;
  7. The service life of the equipment is 8 years (operating 300 days per year and 8 hours per day).

Important Tips for Operating Paratrooper Ride for Sale

  1. The management personnel must manage the number of tourists entering and exiting the equipment. The number of people entering the platform each time must not exceed 24. Those who are not riding the equipment must not stay in the platform while the equipment is running.
  2. Tourists queue in order to get on the train in sequence. Each pod is limited to 2 people (children under 1 meter tall are not allowed to sit, children 1.0-1.4 meters must be accompanied by an adult).
  3. After the tourists are seated in the cockpit, they should fasten their seat belts and be checked by management personnel for correctness.
  4. The management staff can operate the equipment before the console. Before the operation, make sure that the tourists are seated. No other people in the platform can stand and stay before pressing the start button.
  5. When the equipment is running, passengers are not allowed to stand or leave their seats, and tourists are not allowed to shake their bodies or play with each other.
  6. Start the operation after the preparation bell rings. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave the post. The operation and management personnel shall pay close attention to the safety of the tourists and the operation of the equipment. If there is any abnormality, immediately stop or disconnect the power supply before taking Other measures.
  7. When there are less than 24 tourists, you must sit evenly to prevent partial load.
  8. After the equipment is stopped and stopped, visitors open the seat belt and safety bar to leave the pod. After the previous batch of tourists have all exited from the fence exit, the next batch of tourists can be put in from the entrance.
  9. In the course of business, if it suddenly encounters rain, it should stop running. After the rain, wait for the pod to dry slightly before running.
  10. Operation and management personnel shall shut down and lock the power supply and safety fence door before leaving work or leaving the work station.

How to Maintain Paratrooper Ride for Sale in Indonesia

  1. Paratrooper Ride, as a kind of amusement rides, is special equipment supervised by the state. The maintenance of products should be carried out by units or individuals with qualifications for maintenance of special equipment.
  2. The user must strictly inspect the equipment in strict accordance with the requirements of the day, week, month, and chronology. If hidden dangers are found, the equipment must be shut down for maintenance. It is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment with faults.
  3. Regularly add grease (oil) to the lubricated parts according to the lubrication diagram. Dry friction is not allowed.
  4. Anti-rust measures shall be taken on the rotary table, boom assembly, lifting arm, hanger parts, driving parts, etc., and the paint shall be replenished once a year.
  5. The key parts that are worn or damaged during the use of the equipment and need to be replaced can be purchased from the equipment manufacturer, or the equipment manufacturer can be required to provide drawings and produce qualified components for replacement according to the drawings.

Advantages of Paratrooper Ride for Sale from Beston

Beston is a professional amusement park rides company and has our factory for producing and manufacturing all kinds of high quality amusement rides for sale Indonesia parks. Paratrooper Ride for sale from Beston Factory is made of high quality steel and FRP materials and is painted with high quality working process.The colors of Paratrooper Ride can be customized from Beston Factory. If you want to buy and invest the Paratrooper Ride for sale in Indonesia from Beston, welcome to contact us for our latest price list.

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