Indoor Soft Play Equipment

Indoor soft play equipment Indonesia in Indonesia has become a hot investment item for business. You could find large soft play equipment and small soft playground anywhere. Such as, shopping center, commercial street, children fun park and so on. Why there are more and more business people to buy indoor soft play for business? Is commercial soft play equipment is a good business? Yes, commercial indoor playground structures has become increasing popular these years and become a good choice for investment. If you want to buy indoor playground jungle gym for sale in Indonesia, please contact us immediately!


What is the Indoor Soft Play Equipment in Indonesia?

We should figure out what indoor soft playground equipment Indonesia is before we purchase indoor playgrounds. What is the indoor soft play structure? Indoor soft playground equipment is a new and comprehensive amusement rides designed for children who love drilling, climbing, sliding, swing and jumping. Indoor playground equipment meets the demands of children’s curiosity and desire to explore and accepted by children and adults. Of course, there are also naughty castles for s that adults and children can participate in, such as trampoline park indoor playground for sale.

Different Types of Indoor Soft Equipments Indonesia from Beston

There are many types of indoor soft playground equipments that Beston provides to Indonesia. According to the different audience, the kids indoor soft playground Indonesia could be divided into four parts including children soft play equipment, adult indoor playground equipment, family soft play equipment for sale and custom soft play equipment for sale.

Children Indoor Soft Play for Sale in Indonesia

Beston provides various ranges of children indoor soft play equipment for business. We have candy theme soft play equipment for sale, ocean theme soft play equipment for sale, forest theme equipment for sale. Children soft play equipment has different functional divisions including climbing area, DIY area, swing and slide area and so on. If you want to buy childrens soft play equipment, please contact us immediately!

1320m2 Ocean Theme Indoor Soft Playground For Sale
Ocean Theme Children Indoor Soft Playground For Sale

Castle Theme Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale Indonesia
Castle Theme Children Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale Indonesia

Adult Indoor Soft Equipment for Sale in Indonesia

We have indoor playground equipment designed for adults, which is more excited than children indoor playground equipments. We have various adult indoor soft play equipment for sale in Indonesia including super bounce, VR experience and racing cars, which are popular among adult audience.

Morandi Theme Indoor Soft Play Equipment Costs Indonesia
Buy Morandi Indoor Soft Play Equipment Costs

Indoor Playground Trampoline Park For Sale Indonesia
Indoor Playground Trampoline Park For Sale

Family Soft Playground Equipment for Sale Indonesia

Beston offers commercial indoor soft playground for family, which enables parents to interact with their children and enhance the relationship between them. There are many interactive indoor soft equipments like DIY areas, hand-making areas, parent-children restaurant and so on. This is a great option for parents taking their kids out to play. So why not buy indoor soft play equipment to start your business, please send us messages.

Purchase Space Theme Indoor Soft Playground Indonesia
Purchase Space Theme Indoor Soft Playground Indonesia

Forest Indoor Jungle Gym For Sale Prices
Forest Indoor Jungle Gym For Sale Prices

Custom Indoor Soft Play Equipment for Sale Indonesia

Beston also offer custom soft play equipment for sale in Indonesia. We will conduct market research in the early stage, and then make the design plan according to your needs. Designers and engineers will design according to the terrain and area as well as your needs, and make renderings to ensure a reasonable overall arrangement. Beston can do all custom services, including themes, partitions, equipment, materials, lights, logos and so on. We could offer indoor projects including indoor park design and solution. Do you have any ideas of purchasing indoor soft play jungle gym? Contact us for prices.

Custom Indoor Soft Play Equipment Prices
Custom Indoor Soft Playground Equipment Prices Indonesia

Beston Indoor Play Equipment Accessories

What is indoor soft play equipment made of? Indoor soft playground is made up of different game facilities and functional parts. There are lots of game facilities and areas in soft play equipment commercial.

Ball Pit Round

Ball pit ground is often combined with slide, which will help to reduce impact when playing slide. Children like the ball pool very much. Children can play safely and happily in the ball pool and interact with their friends.

Ball Pools With Slide In Indoor Playground
Ball Pools With Slide In Indoor Playground

Soft Play Trampoline

Soft play trampoline is suitable for all ages, which can help exercise and improve physical fitness. So trampoline park indoor playground is commonly used in indoor soft play equipments. If you are planning to invest indoor playground, please contact us!

Indoor Playground Trampoline Area
Indoor Playground Trampoline Area

Climbing Frame

The climber structure is common to see in indoor playground equipment for sale. It Can satisfy the desire of children’s exploration and curiosity, release children’s energy and help improve physical strength and help children exercise.

Indoor Playground Climbing Structure
Indoor Playground Climbing Structure

DIY Area

The diy area includes building block parks, painting masters, baking and other DIY projects. Children can complete tasks with their parents and enhance their relationship, which can improve children’s hands-on ability and problem-solving ability.

Build Blocks In Indoor Soft Playground
Build Blocks In Indoor Soft Playground

Cosplay Area

The cosplay area in indoor soft play equipment simulates some real situations, such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. It may involve parent-child interaction and interaction between children, which help improve problem-solving ability and expand children’s imagination.

Cosplay Area In Indoor Soft Play Equipment
Cosplay Area In Indoor Soft Play Setup

Eletronic Games

Eletronic game equipment mainly includes coconut trees, small carousel and so on. The combination of electric games and non-powered facilities of indoor soft play equipment increases the fun of playing, exercises children’s physical coordination ability, and promotes children’s healthy development.

Electronic Coconut Tree In Indoor Playground
Electronic Coconut Tree In Indoor Playground

VR Games

With the rapid development of technology, VR game equipment has become popular among people. It can simulate real-life scenes and bring people to a real experience. Indoor soft play equipments have VR facilities which will appeal children to experience.

VR Game Area In Indoor Soft Play Equipment
VR Game Area In Indoor Soft Play Equipment

Interative Area

The projection interactive game is easy to operate and highly interesting, bringing joy and a sense of accomplishment to children. Children can use their hands or ocean balls to smash the game elements in the game scene to get points.

Interactive Area Indoor Playground Equipment
Interactive Area Indoor Playground Equipment

Detailed Display of Indoor Soft Play Equipment Indonesia

Beston indoor playground supplier provides the best soft play equipments in Indonesia. The details show the quality of the products and our good services in the work including materials and design drawing.

High-Quality Materials

Beston indoor soft play equipment for sale uses 48mm diameter national standard galvanized steel pipe. Moreover, we use high-density foam EVA sponge and PVC flash cover leather, which is moisture-proof and has high flame retardancy. The ocean balls in the ball pool are all PC plastic, which is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly. All ropes use high-strength nylon rope. Indoor soft setup for sale of Beston uses fully galvanized high-strength screws with protective plastic environmental cover, which help to protect children’s safety.

Ocean Balls in Indoor Playground Equipment
Ocean Balls in Indoor Playground Equipment

High-Strength Nylon Net
High-Strength Nylon Net

Screws With Protection
Screws With Protection

Advanced Technology

The ductile iron process is adopted, which effectively improves the plasticity and toughness, and obtains a strength higher than that of carbon steel. Beston has advanced 3D printing technology in indoor playground manufacturing. Our 3D printing engraving machine could print all shapes you need for your indoor soft play equipment.

3D Printing Engraving Machine
3D Printing Engraving Machine

3D Printing Technology
3D Printing Technology

2D & 3D Design Drawing

According to sizes, terrains, and customer needs, and all those factors, we will first make a 2D design drawing of layout of indoor soft play equipment for our customers. After that, we will make 3D drawing plans to show the detailed information and final effect. If there is any need for improvement in the design drawing, we will modify the design according to the requirements until the customer is satisfied.

2D Design Plan
2D Design Plan Of Indoor Playground Design

3D Design Plan of Indoor Soft Playground
3D Design Plan of Indoor Soft Playground

The Custom Service Process Of Indoor Soft Play Equipment In BESTON

If you’ve decided to invest indoor soft playground for business in Indonesia, here is the custom process provided by Beston indoor playground company. Don’t be hesitate to buy indoor soft playground equipment from Beston, we will provide all-round services.

Designing Process

First, customer should provide the site condition so that we could make design job accoring to actual situations. We will provide both 2D and 3D design drawings. We will make adjustment to the needs of customers. After we decided the design plans, we will make contract with each others, and you may need to pay deposit for indoor playground.

Production Process

The factory starts to make products, and this may take 7 to 10 days. We will produce the indoor soft paly equipment Indonesia according to international standards and conduct strict quality inspections on the products. If they do not meet the specifications, we will remake them according to the standards to ensure the quality of the products you get.

Transportation Process

We will check the quality of the product before delivery, and then carry out factory construction and testing to ensure that all accessories of the indoor soft playground for sale are complete and the quality meets the international standards. After the equipments arrive at the port, we will arrange for transportation and deliver it to your location.

Installation Process

After the product is delivered, we will provide professional workers to install indoor soft play equipment on-site. At the same time, Beston will provide detailed installation drawings and online installation to help the installation. We ensure that the product installation effect highly matches the design drawing.

Openning Guidance

Do you have the concern of indoor soft playgrounds operation and opening activities? Don’t worry about it. Beston company also provide professional opening guidance and promotion activities to help the openning of commercial indoor playground jungle gym, which may help you attract more audience.

After-sales Services

Beston Amusement provides high-quality service and guaranteed after-sales service. Indoor soft play equipments in Indonesia from Beston provide a one-year warranty period and life-long equipment maintenance, if there is a problem, we will send specialized workers to repair it immediately or we can provide advices online to help you out.

Online Installation Guidance
Online Installation Guidance

First Layer of Installation
First Layer of Installation

ROI Analysis of Beston Indoor Soft Play Equipment In Indonesia

Do indoor playgrounds make money? Let’s make the ROI analysis of commercial indoor soft playground. Let’s take indoor naughty castle in Jakarta as a case.

Project Name  Indoor Playground In Jakarta Shopping Mall
Charing Mode Single Charge operation fee(per month) 300$
Site Shopping Mall(self-built) ticket 5$
Facilities 120000$ Installation&Transporation fee 57000
Size 770m Staff salary 300$*4person=1200$
Operating Time Workday(5 days) 120visit*5$*5days=3000$
Weekend(2 days) 300visit*5$*2days=3000$
Weekly Gain 6000$
Holidays(12 days) 300visit*5$*12days=18000$
Monthly Gain 6000*4-300$-1200$=22500$
Yearly Gain 22500*12+18000$-120*5*12=280800$

The excel is theoretical calculation date for reference only. Specific profit  changes according to the actual situation.

Indoor Playground ROI Analysis
Indoor Playground ROI Analysis

From the excel above, we know that we could gain 103800$ one year. Investing the indoor soft play equipment in Indonesia is a good choice, which has low costs and high income. If you would like to buy soft indoor equipment for business in Indonesia, please contact us! Beston Amusement is always waiting for you.

Why Indoor Soft Play Equipment in Indonesia is a Good business?

Indoor playground equipment has many benefits. Soft indoor playground equipment provides a safe and fun environment for children to play and develop their physical, social, and cognitive skills. It promotes physical activity and helps with coordination and balance. It also encourages social interaction, creativity, and imagination. Additionally, it can be a great way to burn off energy and reduce stress. There are the reasons of why indoor soft play area is a good business. Do you have any ideas of indoor playgrounds, please contact Beston Amusement!


Soft play equipment has no limitation of construction. We have both soft play equipments and outdoor soft play equipments. You could pick the proper places that you want to set, and we will provide suggestion for you.


Indoor soft play equipment is highly interactive. Children could freely play with their friends, parents and other children, which will help to improve the ability of social interaction and enhance their practical skills.


The materials of indoor jungle gym meet international safety standards, and the game facilities are equipped with safety measures. There is no need to worry about the safety of indoor playground equipment.


Indoor soft play equipment is easy to install and maintain, which bring convenience for management and operation of indoor playground equipment. Moreover, you don’t need to spend much money on the maintenance.

 Wide Customers

Indoor palyground equipment reaches a very broad audience. There has different themes for children. Moreover, there are also indoor soft play equipment designed for adult like super bounce and racing car indoor playground equipments.

Large Capacity

Soft play playground equipment has large capacity than normal amusement rides. It is easy to cover your costs and get benefits in a short time. So why not invest indoor playground structure for business Indonesia to be your own boss?

Where to Buy Indoor Soft Playground Equipment in Indonesia?

The most important thing is that you should find a reliable indoor playground supplier when you are selecting indoor playground equipments. Beston Amusement Rides Company is a professional indoor soft play equipment supplier in China and provides commercial indoor soft equipment for sale in affordable prices. Beston offers various types of soft indoor play equipments and related services and has exported to more than 100 countries and regions and has built many overseas warehouse all around the world.
Beston Amusement puts focus on both industry and trade. On the one hand, Beston puts customers needs first. On the other hand, Beston leads the whole industry through innovation and researches. Choose Beston Amusement, choose the best indoor soft playgrounds!

Park Solutions & Designs

Beston is the professional indoor soft play equipment manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia. Beston has several branches in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.In addition, Beston offers the best park design and park solutions in Indonesia. We have already make various park designs for all around the world and has successfully finished 3688 project cases all around the world. If you have any needs for investing indoor playground or amusement park, please contact Beston Amusement immediately!

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