Tea Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia

Tea Cup Ride for sale Indonesia at cheap price from Beston Factory, is a kind of spinning amusement rides. There are big tea cup rides for adults and small tea cup rides for kids in Beston. With appealing appearance and interesting interactive features, buy a tea cup ride for your park in Indonesia that will be a great investment. Do you want to find professional tea cup ride manufacturer and buy cheap tea cup ride for sale Indonesia? Welcome to Contact Us for Free Quotation.

BNTC 01 – Tea Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Introduction of Tea Cup Ride for Sale Indonesia

Tea Cup Ride as a spinning amusement ride for sale has beautiful appearance and is made of high quality fiberglass as the main materials. For the common style, there are several cabins with cup styles set on a big spinning base, and also a similar coffee pot set up in the center of turntable. The cabins generally are designed to be 6 or 9 or 12 or 24. Beston tea cup ride for sale Indonesia is equipped with safe belt, steering wheel, music, lights and other functions. Playing teacup ride can experience exciting and thrilling feeling. There are many different types of tea cup rides for sale cheap from Beston Supplier. Welcome to buy high quality tea cup ride for your park in Indonesia.

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Features Of Beston Tea Cup Ride for Sale to Indonesia

  • High Quality and Safe Device: Teacup ride for sale in Beston Company is manufactured with high quality FRP materials. Beston tea cup ride is also equipped with safe belt and brake device for protect players from falling out the cup cabins.
  • Easy operation and Attractive Appearance: Tea cup ride has complete configuration and is very easy to play. In order to attract more people to play and especially children and little kids, Beston design tea cup rides to be all kind of styles such interesting cartoon style and cute animals style and also colorful paint style.
  • Small Space Taking and Wide Application: Tea Cup Ride is not large-size amusement rides and can be widely used in all kinds of amusement park, fairground, square, backyard, supermarket and shopping mall.
  • Available for Custom: If you have special requirements for tea cup ride, Beston can customize your special tea cup ride for sale. Customized tea cup rides are available in sizes, shapes, appearance, colors and decorations.

BNTC 05 – High Quality Spinning Tea Cup Ride

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Specification Of Tea Cup Ride for Sale In Beston Company

6 Cabins 9 Cabins 12 Cabins
Voltage AC380V 50Hz AC380V 50Hz AC380V 50Hz
Power 3kw 8.5kw 27kw
Capacity 24 persons 36 persons 48 persons
Covering Area 6.5m 10m 14m

How Does Tea Cup Ride Work?

The tea cup rides with 9-cup and with 12-cup are quite different from the tea cup rides with 6-cup. In addition to the 6-cup function, the 9-cup and 12-cup devices can also be rotated alternately and cross each other, which increases the fun and irritability of the device. The passenger can adjust the speed of the coffee cup to rotate into 360 degrees at random. Players can have more personal experience and a sense of excitement. And the rotating tea cup rides have been popular among tourists with their unique operation mode.

Where to Buy Cheap Tea Cup Ride for Sale in Indonesia

If you want to find a professional tea cup ride manufacturer, here introduce you Beston Company. Beston is insist on manufacturing and export high quality and cheap tea cup rides for sale to Indonesia. With professional manufacturing equipment and strong team, Beston is your best choice to buy tea cup rides for sale to Indonesia. Any requirements? Welcome to Email Beston Company for Detailed Information and Price List.

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