Rotary Bear-Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia

Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for sale as a kind of family rides and popular rotary amusement rides is similar with tea cup ride for sale from Beston Company. Theses rotary rides are welcomed by children and adults. Beston produces and exports beautiful and high quality Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for sale cheap to Indonesia. If you want to learn more information about this ride, just contact us through email now.

BNRC 01 – Rotary Bear-Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Description of Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for Sale

Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for sale to Indonesia from Beston Factory is a new generation product developed by our company using a new generation of stepless frequency conversion control and electric control system. Rotary Bear-Cup Ride is made of high quality FRP materials. The equipment is exquisite in shape, safe and reliable, and comfortable to ride. It is one of the classic products in parks and fairground. Turn the steering wheel in your hand, so that passengers can feel the intimate and romantic atmosphere while riding. Beston Company supply cheap Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for sale to Indonesia. This ride is popular in Indonesia amusement parks and fairground. Many customers from Indonesia love to buy and invest Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for their project. If you want to learn about the price of Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for sale, welcome to send us Email.

BNRC 02 – Rotary Bear-Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Specification of Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for Sale

Rotary Bear-Cup Ride

Running Covering Area φ7m
Equipment Height 3.2m
Equipment Gross Weight 2.2t
Passengers Capacity 24
Power 3.5kw
Voltage 380v
Running Height 1m
Rotary Angle 360°
Dial Linear Velocity 1.0m/s

How to Operate Rotary Bear-Cup Ride

  1. Turn on the external power supply, and turn on the leakage circuit breaker switch, (installed on the inner wall of the lower part of the control cabinet). The yellow indicator light is on, and the voltmeter should indicate 380v. When in use, pull from bottom to top to turn on, and from top to bottom to cut off.
  2. “Press the light button” The light flashes alternately.
  3. Just before the ride is turned on, please press the “bell button” to send a safe signal to the children. Just press the button down when using it.
  4. “Host start button” is set when the carousel needs to start running, just press the button down when using.
  5. “Timer” is set for the running time of each session. The operating time can be adjusted from 0 to 10 minutes. When using it, you only need to turn the transparent case of the timer so that the red line on it can reach the required time scale.
  6. When you need to stop the machine urgently, press the “Host stop button”.
  7. “MP3 player” is designed for children to listen to beautiful music. When using, just insert “U disk” from the socket.
  8. If the equipment is not used for a long time, you need to cut off the power.

BNRC 03 – Rotary Bear-Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Maintenance of Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for Sale

  1. Equipment management: The operator should be careful and meticulous: manage, use and maintain the equipment well. Be able to check, maintain, and troubleshoot simple equipment.
  2. Routine maintenance and regular maintenance are the responsibility of the manager.
  3. Necessary inspections must be carried out on the equipment parts before daily operation, timely oil lubrication and elimination of abnormal conditions. Before the official operation every day, test runs are carried out more than twice, and everything can be started after normal operation.
  4. After a period of use, check the gap between the motor gear and the host gear (0.2 mm), the tightness of the chain, and keep the chain lubricated.
  5. Regular maintenance is usually three months. Once every six months, thoroughly clean the appearance and internal organs of the equipment, change the oil properly, adjust the clearance, replace the wearing parts, and check whether the main force parts and welds are normal.
  6. The site should be kept clean. If there are stains on the outside of the device, you can use soft cotton yarn and a little detergent to wipe it off. After cleaning, wipe it with car polish wax.
01 Details of Rotary Bear-Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia
02 Details of Rotary Bear-Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Notice to Passengers When Playing Rotary Bear-Cup Ride

  1. Each cockpit has a capacity of 4 people and overloading is strictly prohibited.
  2. Fasten your seat belt after sitting down.
  3. Do not stand or move during the operation of the equipment.
  4. Children must have parental supervision.
  5. Patients with hypertension, heart disease, and vertigo are not allowed to ride.
  6. Do not leave the cockpit until the equipment has stabilized.
03 Details of Rotary Bear-Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia
04 Details of Rotary Bear-Cup Ride For Sale Indonesia

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Buy Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for Sale from Beston

Beston Company is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China. Beston can provide high quality Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for sale cheap to Indonesia and all around the world. Besides Rotary Bear-Cup Ride, there are also other popular rotary amusement rides for sale from Beston, such as tea-cup ride, carousel ride, swing ride and etc. With complete manufacturing equipment, strict production process, responsible staffs and after-sale service, Beston can be you best choice to purchase and invest Rotary Bear-Cup Ride for sale Indonesia. If you want to buy Rotary Bear-Cup Ride or want to learn about the Rotary Bear-Cup Ride cost, welcome to contact us.





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