Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

Indoor Bumper Cars for sale cheap to Indonesia from Beston Factory include electric bumper cars and battery operated bumper cars. If you want to buy high quality and attractive indoor bumper cars for sale in Indonesia, welcome to Contact Beston for Price List Now!

BNIBC 01 – Battery Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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Introduction Of Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

Indoor Bumper Cars for sale to Indonesia, also a kind of bumper car amusement rides for fun from safety colliding, include electric & battery indoor bumper cars and inflatable & water indoor bumper cars. According the different ways of power supply, there are two types of electric and battery indoor bumper cars. According to the different application sites, there are inflatable & water indoor bumper cars. No matter which indoor bumper cars, they all can bring you very interesting experience from colliding each other in a safe condition.

BNIBC 02 – Battery Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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Indoor bumper cars mean those bumper cars activities which are built in a certain ground place with ceiling and fencing decoration. Compared with outdoor bumper cars, the indoor bumper cars activities can not only make you fun and happy, but also can protect you from raining or bad weather. So if it is raining or wind blowing or hot, you can take your family to play the indoor bumper car rides that with the same fun.

BNIBC 03 – Battery Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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Beston Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale To Indonesia

Indoor Bumper Cars for sale Indonesia, as its name and function, belong to a kind of indoor amusement rides and generally appear in an indoor room place with a certain big space for amount of people gathering to play. Beston Indoor bumper car rides for sale Indonesia with colorful lights and safety device can bring people interesting and fun experience through bumping on the smooth floor and colliding at each other.

BNIBC 04 – Battery Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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There are low price indoor kids UFO bumper car, indoor electric bumper cars, indoor battery bumper cars, amusement park & fairground indoor bumper cars and inflatable indoor bumper cars for sale to Indonesia from Beston Amusement Company – one of professional indoor bumper car suppliers in China! Welcome to Enquire Us for Free Quote Now!

BNIBC 05 – Electric Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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Composition Of Beston Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

Structure Materials of Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

Indoor bumper cars for sale Indonesia include two types of common bumper car rides and inflatable bumper car rides, of which common bumper car is manufactured with fiberglass materials and rubber tire and inflatable bumper car is mainly manufactured with high quality PVC materials.

BNIBC 06 – Electric Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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Safety Device of Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

As a kind of game machine, indoor bumper car ride for sale Indonesia is played through colliding each other. So the safety device is very important which is designed to protect riders when enjoying the fun from colliding. The fiberglass bumper car is mainly protect by the rubber tire through buffering the colliding force. And the inflatable as its natural elastic material PVC with the function of buffering.

BNIBC 07 – Electric Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

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Power Supply of Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

Indoor bumper cars for sale to Indonesia include electric bumper car rides and battery bumper car rides. Electric indoor bumper car is power supplied by the ceiling-grid or ground-grid and the battery indoor bumper car is mainly power supplied by the batteries.

Control Device of Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

Indoor bumper cars for sale Indonesia are equipped with joystick and pedal as the control device for realizing the running freely. You can change the directions through rotate the joystick or steering wheel when running on the floor. And you can run forward or stop through control the pedal when playing the indoor bumper car rides.

Advantages Of Beston Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

  • Similar with other bumper cars, indoor bumper cars for sale to Indonesia is manufactured with strong and quality metal & fiber glass & PVC materials, decorated with colorful lights and beautiful patterns, painted with various colors and high quality auto-paint.
  • Different from other bumper cars, indoor bumper cars are build in the room place with roof and fencing that can protect riders from bad weather.
  • Indoor bumper cars for sale Indonesia in Beston can be customized according to customers’ requirement and also the actual application site area. Welcome to inquire for price list.

Types Of Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale Indonesia

  • Electric Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Battery Operated Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Kids Ground Grid Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Quality Ceiling Grid Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Indoor Inflatable Bumper Cars
  • Indoor Water Bumper Cars
  • Amusement Park Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Fairground Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Vintage Indoor Bumper Cars
  • Used Indoor Bumper Cars

How To Buy Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale In Indonesia

Here are some advice for choosing the suitable sites for indoor bumper cars:

  1. Choose the flat and smooth ground as the application site which can be the flat cement floor, tile floor, marble floorand so on.
  2. Therough ground can result the excessive wear and frequent changing of bumper car vehicle wheel, especially the replacement frequency of bumper cars with driving wheels.
  3. If there is crackor gap on the floor, which will make a bad experience and uncomfortable feeling when riding in the indoor bumper car seat, and also can result the damage of electronic parts and components and of the bumper car frame, wheel and motor output shaft.
  4. There should better not have any water poolor ditch around the indoor bumper cars site. And it is necessary to prevent the damage from accident and make a complete protective preparation for the water pool or ditch around the indoor bumper car ground.
  5. The ground gradientshould be limited within 10 degree. Because the large gradient will result the indoor bumper car cars running slowly when slowly and quickly when downhilling.
  6. There should not have metal piecesor corner angle around the site ground, which aim to protect the bumper car cars body and bumper strip from damage by sharp objects.
  7. Consider the suitable area when choosing the applicationsite for indoor bumper car, Each bumper cars car need about 5~10m2. There should be the special inflatable fencing or protective fencing equipped around the indoor bumper cars operation site, which will prevent people or tourists from force entrancing and colliding damage.

Beston Indoor Bumper Car Manufacturer

When you plan a project with indoor amusement rides for sale to Indonesia, you should first make sure the carnival rides which will be your best choice to attract more tourists to play and earn more profits. Here introduce you a great indoor amusement park rides for sale in Indonesia – Indoor Bumper Cars, which is for sale in Beston Amusement Company.

Beston, absolutely the best indoor bumper car manufacturer in China, has many years experience in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of electric indoor bumper car, battery indoor bumper car, inflatable indoor bumper car and indoor water bumper cars for sale Indonesia.

Beston indoor bumper car supplier with own professional factory including a series of high quality manufacturing equipment and advanced production process and also a group of professional work staffs & designers can together make you a great sales service and after-sale service. Any interest? Now Email Us for Free Quote and More Detailed Information.

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